New Year – Lively colors such as navy blue dark red and

Lively colors such as navy blue, dark red and apple green to accentuate the space, perhaps the island is painted navy blue is a good way to change it and create a dramatic effect. If you still like the look of the white cabinets, don’t worry, they still work, you just have to mix different textures and colors with the clean look. Mixing the old and the new, from vintage accents to old French pieces, the layering of these pieces makes an interesting home and gives life and structure to your space. Rooms painted entirely in one color, such as a soft gray, or walls painted in bright blue with matching rugs. Play with the different styles and colors of the lights, appliances and appliances in this room and be creative. The small room offers the opportunity to try wall coverings or strong colors. The big change of the new decade is rooms that are not only beige or white, but are becoming more colorful. In the last decade, all white kitchens have reigned, but the all-white kitchen is a thing of the past. What a great time to consider new trends in decorating, whether you built your single-family home 10 years ago and are ready for an upgrade or are building a new home. Natural wood shelves, open shelves, extractor hoods and islands soften the austerity of the white kitchen. Although marble is durable and easy to maintain, quartz offers a variety of styles and patterns and imitates marble so closely that it can be difficult to tell the difference. Wallpaper is a fashionable trend these days, and the ladies’ bathroom is the perfect place to try out wallpaper. This year’s trend is soft shades of light grey, blue and green. The boudoir is the perfect place to develop your wild, playful and fun personality. A trend that everyone wants to follow for the decoration of the master bedroom: high quality bedding. The heavy curtain has disappeared and either there is no curtain at all or a light, airy and elegant fabric replaces it.

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