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The summary states that the studyexamines the context in which the PA first appeared in private law cases relating to children in England and Wales and looks at how it has evolved in case law by changing the political and discursive context of private law from 2000 to the end of March 2019′. “To be more precise, Dr Barnett examined the 40 judgments in private law reported and published in England and Wales between 2000 and 2019 on which the PA was invited to comment. The study, carried out by Dr Adrienne Barnett of Brunel Law School at Brunel University in London, concluded that parents who are estranged from their parents and have a suspicious or proven history of domestic violence could use AP’s accusations to discredit mothers and gain time to raise their children. However, can it be said that the courtsfavour’ AP’s allegations to the extent that theyoverrule’ or evenoverrule’ allegations of abuse? It would, of course, be very disturbing if this were the case. Unfortunately, some cases of child deals seem to be limited to allegations of abuse by one parent, as opposed to allegations of abuse by the management authority of the other parent. “Playing the card of parental alienation is stronger than any other by silencing the voices of women and children who resist contact with abusive men. In fact, I think family justice in general responds “more wisely” to such accusations, and some recent statements seem to confirm this. Of course, the court must always be impartial in its approach and investigation of HA’s allegations. If you would like advice on parental alienation, you can find more articles here or contact our Customer Support Team to speak to one of our Child Advocates. Of course, in these cases, the court must investigate the allegations in the AP. Unfortunately, I could not read the full investigation because it is not available online free of charge, so I had to settle for a short summary and some reports. Such an academic study on such an important subject is welcome – I just wanted readers to be aware of the study and to make some brief comments on my part.

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