This 3080-square-foot property comprises four rooms with a

This 3,080-square-foot property comprises four rooms with a playroom that can be converted into an optional fifth room if required. Are you planning to expand your family? Is this the house where you want to retire? The space can consist of multiple floors, bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas, and you want to be sure that your dream home is designed to meet all your specific needs. This option offers 1,689 square metres of living space and three bedrooms. With two floors to cover and a large triangular roof, a Currituck option is an will make a small room feel large and open. This house has two floors, but offers the possibility to add an extra room on the third floor to create even more space! It has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a garage for 2 cars. When you think about the kind of dream house you want to build, you have to think about how you want to use the space. The Currituck option is a great plan if you want to leave your property open but still need a reasonable amount of space. Are you planning to build your dream home in 2020? Maybe you have already started planning the layout of your home or the events you want to hold there, but before all this happens, you need to make a decision about the floor plan. This floor plan covers 2,551 square metres of living space and includes covered balconies at the back and front of the house. The large living room has an open plan floor plan, which includes a dining room without separating it. Our smallest floor plan option is the definition of comfort at only 954 square meters. The first floor has a simple floor plan that only includes a living room, dining room, half bathroom and kitchen, all on a generally open plan floor plan. James’ plan is designed to be spacious and attractive, so it is a problem in this dream home plan. The master bedroom and large wardrobe are on the first floor, while the other bedrooms are on the second floor. This is a great option for a family home that fits any budget.

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