New Study Pinpoints – Alan Cohen Director General of the

Alan Cohen, Director General of the Child Poverty Action Lab, believes that modelling high-risk areas will enable the police and the community to be better informed to stop crime without law enforcement arresting more people, a key objective for his non-profit organization. The Dallas Morning News reported that the data was collected using a high-risk […]

Help Finding – If the search for the perfect property is

If the search for the perfect property is holding up your plans to build the perfect home for you and your family, or if you simply need help finding land in a desirable area of Tampa Bay, Devonshire Custom Homes is ready to work for you. From Bayshore and Beach Park to Snell Isle and […]

S41 E16 – The former Paradise fire chief talks about the

The former Paradise fire chief talks about the advanced preparations with Kevin, and the heroes and survivors are honored at the Hope Plaza Memorial dedication ceremony. Kevin recalls the terrible day the bonfire spread to Paradise and listens to the residents who are determined to rebuild. Tom visits Joseph and Anna’s home, where builder Ken […]

Groups Directory Management – Catalog management optimizes

Catalog management optimizes consumer research experience, while listing management provides complete and accurate information about the trader, no matter where clients start their research. Join thousands of colleagues and get the latest information on reputation management, branding, search engine optimization, customer service and more. Using our patented algorithm, reputation scores measure your digital success over […]

Employer Law Blog – The bill deals with the accommodation

The bill deals with the accommodation of members in conflict of interest in allegations of sexual harassment, non-vaccination and confidentiality provisions in separation agreements, and the extension of the prohibition of sexual harassment to hired workers and consultants. In July 2019, Illinois Governor Pritzker signed Senate Bill 75, most of whose provisions will take effect […]

How-To Guide – If your stove breaks while you are away the

If your stove breaks while you are away, the water in the pipes can freeze and eventually cause the pipes to burst, which can cause considerable damage. If your home is protected by a sprinkler system, leave the water supply in front of that system. Spring will eventually return to Wisconsin and you will soon […]

A long time ago we all reached what we thought was our

A long time ago we all reached what we thought was our limit of unbearable drunkenness, murder, new psychotropic substances, suicide, cystic fibrosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, massive seizures, domestic violence and fluid search, insults and even fists, feet and guns. A recent wave of troubled babies, abused babies, drug addicted babies, and children abandoned because […]

I created this blog even selfishly to heal my own wounds

I created this blog, even selfishly, to heal my own wounds as I walk the path of healing after twenty-eight years of marriage and three adult children, but also to share advice and stories and to support the millions of people who have found themselves unexpectedly on this overcrowded path of healing. Life has a […]