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There are many types of support payments in Florida. Therefore, if you are considering a divorce, whether you are the richest or poorest spouse, you should take the time to hire a qualified Fort Lauderdale support attorney torney to help you make sure the amount of support is fair in your case. For example, whether you are advocating a 50/50 division of student loan debt or any other form of distribution, you should have a qualified South Florida divorce attorney who is familiar with Florida law and the requirements of that law in this type of litigation. To ensure that you get the best possible result in your divorce case, it is helpful to have a qualified South Florida family law attorney by your side who recognizes these unique things and helps you understand what these things may mean to you. A. T. was a Gainesville-area man who initiated divorce proceedings with his wife N. T. During the time the couple was married, A. T. had over $10,000 in student loans. To ensure that you are doing everything possible in terms of factual, legal and procedural compliance to ensure the greatest and most effective success, you should have an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney by your side who can help you avoid the procedural pitfalls that can catch even the most fearless self-represented spouses. So what exactly does a de facto domestic violence injunction look like? This highly controversial Collier County case involved a divorce decree, which stated in paragraph 19 that “the husband shall not enter or pass through the woman’s place of business. A recent case in Southwest Florida resulted in a de facto ruling on domestic violence and served as a warning to anyone getting a divorce, especially if it’s highly contested, that things can always take unexpected turns. You can’t always expect the unexpected, but you can prepare for it and protect yourself from an unexpected and potentially damaging turn in your divorce case by having a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney by your side from the beginning. Divorce Category Archive – Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer Blog Posted by Fort Lauderdale, Florida Divorce Lawyer – Sandy T. It is very important to know that if a court judgment on your divorce issues a de facto cease and desist order for domestic violence, it would be as serious as a “normal” cease and desist order for domestic violence. So what happens if you get money from your parents while you are married and you and your spouse get divorced? It depends on the specific circumstances, but often this money is a loan and then a marriage debt. If you believe that changes in your income have put you in this situation, you should immediately contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale attorney to discuss your possible case for a change in support payments. For example, if you file for divorce in the wrong county, your application may be denied or moved to another county, which may delay you and force you to sign a divorce decree. They may argue that they are familiar with the relevant facts of the case, and may even claim that they know some of Florida’s divorce laws, such as child support, parental responsibility, alimony or equitable division law.

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