Everything Nathan – Nathan goes to the house with Sears

Nathan takes out the handrail; Mauro cleans the paint from the lights; Richard improves the thermostat. Everything Nathan used to tighten the ramp, including drills, screws, hammers, plugs and paint, is in the shelters. Nathan went to the Sears Kit house in Richmond, Virginia, to repair the old and free access road. The hit explains the use and function of different types of electrical boxes. Richard replaced the old thermostat with a “smart” one without replacing the two original wires on the wall. All Heath gift boxes are available at home care and electrical stores. Mauro shows you how to remove paint from old doors. Metal boxes are necessary when the wiring in the house is made of metal and must be connected to a grounding wire. Richard installed an Invita Wifi 564 thermostat from Tekmar Controls. Kevin, Tom and Richard know three families who are determined to rebuild in nature, according to the city interface codes. In general, he recommends plastic boxes for switches and sockets and metal boxes for lighting. Mauro used an old pot, boiling water and some baking powder to remove the old equipment. Heath described the best style of electric boxes for various applications. S41 E13: Paradise lost a year after the worst fire in California, Paradise residents are still cleaning up the damage that killed about 90% of their homes.

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