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Brian Inkster’s interesting opinion here is in an article for Infolaw Limited, most of which we reprint – except that we believe that law school lawyers need to be introduced to legal technology in order to broaden their perspective and to get to know the real world of the legal profession. To calculate your developer net score, take the percentage of developer clients and subtract the percentage of clients who are disadvantaged. Ask a simple question: What is the probability that you will recommend [firm X] to a friend or colleague? – You can track these groups and clearly measure your company’s performance through the eyes of your clients. The concept developed by Satmetrix, Bain & Company and Fred Reicheld has been used as a standard by leading companies around the world to measure and increase customer loyalty. A two-day law firm in London on 19-20 November 2019 led by our partner Nigel Haddon and Andrew Otterburn. Net Promoter® is a tool for measuring loyalty and disciplining the use of client feedback to stimulate profitable growth in your business. Clients determine what is “valuable” to them, not their lawyers. Lawyers can only work effectively if they understand what their clients value. The challenge of providing greater value to clients has never been more pressing, especially in the three critical areas we consider here. Understand what clients value before you start discussing price.

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