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Maven’s announcement with Jenn Possik radio show “Holy cow! No wonder you still have no results for your Facebook ad. As a strategist and coach for Facebook + Instagram ads, I’ve seen many flaws in Facebook + Instagram ads that prevent them from being effective. Maven Ads with radio program Jenn Posick As a video marketing and voice professional, Diana Kutz helped her clients create channels on YouTube to reach their audience with affordable and powerful video and audio content. The Ads Maven radio program with Jenn Possik Sarina Correa is a mentor and trainer of creative women who want to turn their passion for the craft into a lucrative source of income through social media marketing, construction courses, seminars and affiliate groups. Radio show Jenn Posick Funnels and Facebook advertising go hand in hand, while Sandra Ocacio is excellent at creating funnels for her clients. Maven Ads with Jenn Possick Radio Show To convert your ads to Facebook + instagrams you need to make sure your text + images are effective. Maven Ads with Jenn Possick Radio Show As a certified trainer for parents, Osika Julia helps “your” customers change their creative style by applying principles of success. A mailing list is the foundation of your business, and if you don’t create one, your business is unlikely to grow. The Maven advertisement with Jenn Possick video radio show is now an integral part of their business strategy. Maven Ads with Jenn Possick Radio What does weight loss and reflection have to do with your business? Everything. This week at The Ads Maven I’m sharing how my attention to reflection, weight loss and food breaks has affected every part of my life and business, as well as what I do and how I do it. This week we will be talking to Diana at The Ads Maven about everything from YouTube to the video and the fascinating world of sound. This week at The Ads Maven I will be discussing “your” business with Orsica while I develop an advertising strategy for her. This week it all depends on how you do it! How to write a copy that attracts people, names that stand out, images that stand out and videos that are simple and functional. That’s why I am so happy that my guest Pip Seymour, an expert on Google Advertising and Directories, is joining The Ads Maven this week.

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  1. 326419 505737I cant say that I completely agree, but then once again Ive never truly thought of it quite like that before. Thanks for giving me something to consider when Im supposed to have an empty mind whilst trying to fall asleep tonight lol.. 749746

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