Old House – Ask this old concierge Heath Eastman the

Ask this old concierge, Heath Eastman the electrician, to explain the use and purpose of the different types of electrical boxes. Electric boxes with fans are designed to withstand heavy ceiling lights. Heath divides the electrical boxes into a few categories and explains their differences. One-piece enclosures are designed to support an electrical device such as a switch or socket. Double aisle enclosures are designed to support two electrical devices. Heath first explains that every time the walls are opened for work, new boxes are used. They also make some old work boxes with corner brackets in the box that allow the box to be screwed and screwed in without opening the wall. The round electrical boxes are used as wall lights. Older work boxes are still used when the walls are closed and small additions to the wiring are needed. Metal enclosures are used when the wiring is wrapped in a metal enclosure. Plastic boxes are the most commonly used and should be wired with non-metallic wires. Most of these boxes have flaps that come out when pushed against the wall so that they can be hung behind a plaster or gypsum wall. They come with side clamps that can be nailed to a bolt directly from the side. They can be used for both new construction and renovation. How to convert a pressure balance faucet Richard Trethewey goes to Salt Lake City to replace a shower faucet he has never seen in his quarry with a conventional pressure balance faucet.

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