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Our local newspaper recently published a front-page article saying that our monopolistic health care system “is currently further reducing the cost of health care. “In fact, the article was a front-page press release – free front-page advertising”. As a general practitioner who refers patients to this health care system, I would like to know what these benefits really mean. In the article, the president of the healthcare system explained that the amount of reimbursement “is by no means a long-term solution to the crisis of healthcare availability. “He is right, because excessive discounts on prices do not save anybody”. He defined them as “general services offered by different providers on the market, which patients can seek and compare before making an informed decision based on price and quality”, such as knee MRI and colonoscopy. We recommend that our patients who pay directly for colonoscopy treatment consider a colonoscopy, which has a list of US$1275 colonoscopes at medical facilities a few hours away. President Trump coined the term “affordable” in his Order to improve price and quality transparency in the U.S. health care system, placing the patient first in the description of that level of care. Kevin®. Founded in 2004 by Dr. Kevin Fo, Kevin® is a leading online platform where doctors, undergraduates, nurses, medical students and patients share their opinions and stories. To his credit, our healthcare system has reduced patient costs long before this announcement. Most of our patients, including these patients, pay for their MRIs from their own pockets because my practice over the past two decades has attracted mostly uninsured and highly paid patients. Our healthcare system has no estimate of the current cost of an engine, but last fall it was $3,560. It should be clear that direct payment for uninterrupted care can save everyone a lot of money. The question is whether Americans are willing to “buy” and pay for these services directly. One of the unforeseen consequences of Obamacare is that more Americans now have high deductions and are essentially uninsured before they arrive. Last fall, for example, he gave one of my patients $2,000 for an MRI of his knee, which is 71% less than his head of the department. Instead, we hid her on the psychiatric hospital’s website in an obscure list of “chiefs of staff” from 12,348 medical departments.

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