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Are you interested in taking care of your own home as much as possible? A cordless drill can help more than any other power tool. UPDATE 15Nov2019 : If you are a carpenter and you have problems with cutting saw, next 15 minute video tutorial for you. Do you want to build wooden things? Do you want to build your own furniture, cabinets and shelves? You need to learn some basic things, like what you’ll see here. Find out what a really sharp chisel can do if you’ve prepared yourself with the methods I teach in my online course. UPDATE 19JUL2019 : Building a table is one of the most deceptively simple carpentry projects. UPDATE 7Feb2020 + video below : To be a successful carpenter you need to be a bit mechanical. Swing joints are one of the easiest, strongest and most versatile ways to connect wooden parts. The pleasure of working with wood depends on sharp tools, but sanding can be difficult. Canada most experienced man, Steve Maxwell, gives an overview of his favorite hand tools. It takes just a minute or two to turn an instrument into an incredible piece of work. He shows you all the tricks behind the incredible results that you can be proud of. Simple but important things for owners and carpenters.

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