A long time ago we all reached what we thought was our

A long time ago we all reached what we thought was our limit of unbearable drunkenness, murder, new psychotropic substances, suicide, cystic fibrosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, massive seizures, domestic violence and fluid search, insults and even fists, feet and guns. A recent wave of troubled babies, abused babies, drug addicted babies, and children abandoned because of their parents’ drug addiction gave our emergency staff the feeling that we too had been beaten. The flow of excrement will never stop completely, but we will continue to step on the stinking, smelly stuff together, even if we cross the line, or we will feel overwhelmed. Recording the number of overdoses in an hour or the total number of milligrams of Narcan administered to administered to a patient or during a shift is done with the head down. Unfortunately we can’t tell patients to stop defecating, so I’m sure we’ll end up with another overdose of stools. Not so long ago our emergency department received a phone call from the health service saying that we had exceeded our feces limit. We also had to inform the families of many “young” patients that their father had died. I don’t know exactly how this was measured, who set the limits, or even why such a call was necessary, but I do know that there is a lot of stomach flu again. Things other than the disease seem to be coming in similar waves, forcing us to go beyond our borders. Another elderly patient was coughing up blood from a tumor that had eroded into a pulmonary artery. Dr. Speaking Kevin® is the only purely medical speech practice run by doctors. We have had to report too many patients on accidents. A shaken baby is more than our limit. A member of our ED family had his breast cancer, slept 8 years, and came back to scream. Another would have exceeded the speed and legal limits of alcohol when she reached certain curves.

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  1. You have posted some good stuff on the topic, are you planning to do a FAQ facing this issue in the future, as i have some more questions that might be common to other readers.

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