S41 E16 – The former Paradise fire chief talks about the

The former Paradise fire chief talks about the advanced preparations with Kevin, and the heroes and survivors are honored at the Hope Plaza Memorial dedication ceremony. Kevin recalls the terrible day the bonfire spread to Paradise and listens to the residents who are determined to rebuild. Tom visits Joseph and Anna’s home, where builder Ken Blanton shows him a fire-resistant roof covering, which together meet UIC building standards. A power line failure was the obvious cause of the fire that destroyed paradise. Jim Broshears, the former fire chief of Paradise, shows Kevin what’s in his Go-Bag. S18 E16: Dog bowl holder, shows the gas lantern. Tom teaches a young carpenter how to use power tools and Richard installs a gas lantern. To prevent this from happening again, the power company cuts off electricity in all communities with a high risk of fire. Tom inspects the technical and fire-resistant linings, and Richard examines a backup battery powered by solar energy. Luke and Crystal filed one of the first building permit applications after the fire. Paradise residents discuss their commitment to rebuilding. Home generators are scarce, but Richard is at Joe and Avonela’s house where new technology is solving the problem. They will reaffirm their commitment to rebuild with a dedication ceremony at a memorial site. It’s been a year since ashes covered the floor of this beautiful town at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Family members, neighbors, construction workers and other homeowners are coming to visit and celebrate their arrival. Experts recommend that homeowners prepare in advance for emergencies by making a “travel bag”.

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