Dr. Andrew Lipton – If you want to be super smart when it comes to

If you want to be super smart w.hen it comes to problems, try to choose your tasks and problems to fill the void free from annoyance! When you find something new to grow up and be involved in your life process, you are unlikely to attract annoying problems between you. Why is this happening? I think it’s because we live under the impression that we have to be happy all the time! We’re running from “negative emotions”! We confuse satisfaction, a general feeling of satisfaction with life, with a feeling of euphoria. Do not be fooled by the celebrity, wealth or appearance of others to think that your brand of beauty, resources and relationships is less valuable. If you want to be healthy, you must be willing to invest in this time and money. However, you will find that if you share your gifts with the world and help it find solutions to human problems, fame and luck will follow. The biggest gift, of course, is the inner beauty that comes from knowing that your life creates value for many people on your side. Money fame or beauty itself are never directly related to satisfaction in life – this is the lesson I struggle with the most in life! The inner world comes only when you understand, whether you are a doctor, lawyer, businessman, mother or teacher, that you are simply mortal. If you are righteous and radiate your kindness, ethics and class, then others, even if they do not like you, have no choice but to respect you. Accept the change and know that after you have reached the goal, you need new goals and objectives to continue growing in life. Do not go in search of money, fame or beauty. Do not compromise your honesty and beliefs to please others or earn money. Behind every person’s perfect smile is always pain, frustration, fear or unresolved emotions that they may never share with you. Start with yourself and change other people’s lives, being your compassionate friend in bad times and your biggest admirer in good times. Everyone is trying to figure out what life is. There’s never a moment of death when life stops.

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