Search Engine Watch – Make sure you plan your pace of site

Make sure you plan your pace of site analysis, internal audits and creative review programs to keep your own house in order and position yourself for the competitive challenges ahead. SMEs struggling to accelerate digital growth face a number of challenges in terms of internal processes, marketing platforms, site functions and competitors. If you already have some testing experience and budget, consider implementing a multivariate test tool to help you execute a quick test plan that provides both insight and improved performance. Images, themes, descriptions, landing pages, metrics, message themes – everything can help to attract and maximize user attention, making it difficult to prioritize testing. This means more users, more tracking and tagging, and other factors that can affect the speed of the site, which is a big factor in the user experience. Searchmetrics investigates in detail how Amazon uses a combination of organic and paid lists to compete for buyer clicks, what strategies Google uses in the battle for products, and how Amazon continues to defend itself. You can promise the world to your users in your advertising campaigns, but without balancing expectations with today’s internal challenges, you’ll only create a frustrated customer base. If your ads promise to call the same day that will not be delivered for several weeks, or if you offer a quick delivery of out-of-stock products, you have used your advertising spend to create a flood of negative feelings. In general, Google recommends speeds of two to five seconds for websites, given the fastest part of this range. Jim Yu, founder and CEO of BrightEdge, talks about the changing aspects of search and the steps ESOs need to take to stay relevant. Using one of their real-life cases, digital agency BDCenter shows how they have taken a customer’s reputation with Google from a negative 48% to neutral. B2B companies can respond longer than expected to contact the potential customers that generate their ads, and e-commerce companies may have inventory issues with their best-selling products.

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