Search Engine Watch – Some time ago Facebook’s COO said

Some time ago, Facebook’s COO said some unfortunate things about email marketing: that emails are disappearing and that marketers need to focus on today’s teens to complement tomorrow’s marketing strategies, etc. So, whatever happens, be sure to update your current email marketing tactics with the latest technology, whether it’s AI voice, video or AMP for email. Mailing list segmentation allows marketers to develop a relevant buyer personality, which helps them produce personalized emails. Email MPA allows email marketers to create more interactive and actionable emails using elements of the MPA. You can read the How Alexa Reads Your Emails & Impacts Email Marketing blog for more ideas on how to use Alexa for your emails. However, according to Google experts, running a third-party script on an email can cause many security issues, which is not the case with MPA for emails. And thanks to smarter segmentation, you’ll get optimized mailing lists that will improve your email performance. In general, when you add interactive features such as accordions, confirmations, carousels, and shopping buttons to your emails, MPA allows you to perform actions on the emails without opening a new tab or visiting the website. Simply put, email marketing must include video, personalization, data, mobile devices and many other strategies to attract your target audience. Artificial intelligence has avoided the hassle of email marketing by allowing marketers to make accurate predictions not only about the subject matter but also about airtime. As email marketers, the first thing you should think about is reinventing existing email marketing strategies with great success if you want to maintain your company’s return on investment in 2020 and beyond. Manually, it’s almost impossible for marketers to send that many emails at different times, especially when there are tens of thousands of customers involved. Not long ago, email marketing was driven solely by human instinct, whether it was the subject or the timing of the email. The integration of the latest technology and all that is fine, but don’t forget that it is the rudimentary aspects that make your email clickable, i.e. the content and design. Judging by the Lindy Effect, email marketing will exist for at least the next 50 years.

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