Paul Norris – It’s not just the way we buy and interact

It’s not just the way we buy and interact with others that has changed. Paul Norris, Epiphany online search specialist, has researched the impact of this phenomenon on the use of the internet and advises companies on how to adapt their search strategy in these difficult times. An expert investigated how the current global scenario has affected users and advises companies on how to adapt their search strategy in these difficult times. The Prime Minister’s speech on 13 March 2020 served as a catalyst for the search for “work from home”, as the search for computer chairs increased by 185%. His website search function is a real goldmine in these difficult times – it takes immediate account of demand and changes in visitor behaviour. Stay up to date with your search reports – look for more use of comfort and supply modifications, because availability and satisfaction are more appreciated. Daily news and knowledge about search marketing, search engine optimization and paid search. Can you adjust the content and optimize the existing pages in your CMS? Is it possible to create new landing pages in your CMS without technical interventions? Then it is time to make use of these possibilities. If you withdraw sales activation because demand has decreased, you need to transfer that budget and resources to a medium to long term activity that is profitable when demand increases again. Has the content fallen into the background? There are clear advantages to strategy, planning and creating content if you use the freedom you have to work from home. Your websites and product reports are a good first point of contact and can bring you quick profits. As a nation, we’ve also looked at our emergency delivery options, including “wine delivery”, which almost tripled in just one week. With that in mind, we need to check the metadata and include services of greater value in the titles and descriptions, such as overnight delivery. The search for “near home” has decreased with the increase in orders for “online” services.

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