I created this blog even selfishly to heal my own wounds

I created this blog, even selfishly, to heal my own wounds as I walk the path of healing after twenty-eight years of marriage and three adult children, but also to share advice and stories to help the millions of people who unexpectedly find themselves on this overburdened path of healing. Life has as a way of taking us along a path full of bumps and bruises and unexplained paths we would never have thought. And on this dusty path, we somehow wander off the path, make mistakes, give up parts of ourselves, and eventually end up on what we call life. Until the day the unimaginable happens, the only person you ever thought you could protect from the storm becomes the storm itself. It leaves us traumatized and desperate to discover who we are without our other half, for better or worse. No one is going to marry the thought that it will end in divorce. Maybe it was your decision to leave, but a divorce is difficult anyway. Maybe you saw it coming, or maybe you got hit in the stomach and had to take a deep breath to survive the moment. Find your way after the divorce. In fact, most of us think I’ll never do that, that we love each other, that we can go through anything.

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