Kevin Pho – I ask those who are considering efforts to

I ask those who are considering efforts to contain and contain this pandemic to think about us, this man’s wife and every IAD 19 patient and family member who will suffer the same loss in making these decisions. These opportunities frighten me, but I am also afraid that we must now prepare for the great loss of our patients’ families without time for mourning. Kevin®. Founded in 2004 by Dr. Kevin Fo Kevin® is a leading online platform where doctors, undergraduates, nurses, medical students and patients share their views and stories. Hours passed and every time we looked at him, he seemed more and more uncomfortable and needed more and more medication to relax him and treat his pain. As I sit at home preparing for what is about to happen, my thoughts continue to wander about the positions I took in the ICU last December. I am working in a hospital which, like many others, has taken important steps to prepare for an increase in VIDC-19 cases in the coming days or weeks. At the end of the shift, I went to the men’s room to see if he and his wife were all right. Many of our residents were sent home when they were assigned to elected services, where we were not “strictly necessary” to reduce the risk of exposure and to deepen the bank of support providers. We are beginning to prepare for the possibility of falling ill and being quarantined with our loved ones. When he was transferred to our unit, she made us realize that he never wants to be put on a respirator to stay alive. As his breath diminished and his pain gradually subsided, she sat by his bed and watched the floor, as he sighed his last. After a few minutes, his wife turned to me and said that she no longer wanted to see his like that.

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