Company A – Companies that have opted to reduce their paid

C has decided to reduce their paid social presence or to take a break together are likely to see not only their paid social traffic decrease, but also their organic social traffic, and if they do not participate in a community management strategy, they may miss an important opportunity to interact with their customers. It is only after the breakdown of the paid social budget that we see that the organic social traffic line will fall under the 2019 line in 2020. This graph shows organic social transport in the same period as company A, but it is the strong trend of the 2020 line to go beyond the 2019 line. Note that organic social transport in 2020 and 2019 is quite close together until we start to see some distance in the 2nd and 3rd week of March when 2020 rises and stays above 2019. Companies that maintain a social presence through paid campaigns and community management are likely to be better positioned for recovery in the coming weeks and months as the world begins to move away from the current situation. Finally, let’s look at another example where company C has decided to increase its presence on paid social networks by 2020. The era of social distance creates a new online behaviour that is the crossroads of paid, earned, shared and clean marketing or the PESO model. To demonstrate the effect of social reward with organic social, let’s look at the last six weeks. A brand awareness campaign with paid SEO can lead to more organic search traffic with an increase in brand related keywords. Not only the pre-click metrics show an improvement, but also the organic social traffic shows an upward trend. The following week, when attention returned, the organic social traffic increased to a similar level again. Compare this with company B, which left its paid social budget unchanged. In addition to the volume of traffic that social networks can offer, participation in these platforms takes place via their users who like, share and comment on messages and advertisements.

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