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Companies affected by the crisis should try to spend money on strong channels such as research, social networks and email. Advertising spending is falling on all channels. However, instead of stopping spending on advertising, marketers should focus their efforts on stronger channels such as social media, paid research and email. Companies that want to flourish in advertising in the current crisis should focus their efforts on popular media, because that is where customers spend their time. Media consumption has risen dramatically worldwide: 36% of users say they see more information, 27% see more programs, 21% spend more time on social networks, 18% participate in games, and so on. According to advertising experts, advertising spending is expected to decrease by 50% across all channels. An emarketer forecast shows similar results, total advertising spend has dropped $20 billion since the beginning of the year and marketers are expected to focus their advertising spend on PPC and email. The impact is huge and there is much to be gained. So let look at advertising spend and the options available to advertisers in the coming months. While overall advertising spend is decreasing, some channels are more promising than others, and that’s what we need to focus on. A quick overview of advertising spend and options available to advertisers in the coming months. On all channels, advertising spend is expected to decrease by 50%. Many countries are completely bogged down and the effects are being felt everywhere, including on total advertising spend. For digital media, the percentage is around 40%, while the best estimates relate to social networks and paid research, with decreases of 33% and 30% respectively. This is a 10% drop in revenue, which has a huge impact on advertising spending in the United States.

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