Jason Barnard Karina – Carina Tama founder of Senior Care

Carina Tama, founder of Senior Care Clicks, met with Jason Barnard, SERP brand man and keynote speaker to discuss the challenges of working from a distance during COVID19 and to exchange some tips. He also avoided breaks from colleagues who might easily distract him: “I’m in the mood for coffee”, “you can help me”, “it doesn’t look good”, etc. After the COVID 19 attack, the world was “automatically quarantined” and “socially distanced” and many companies around the world were forced to support teleworking. My expression was, “Come home, come home” – that was a sign for every day that my attention was 100% reliable. Video conferences become a delicate topic when someone has a bad connection during a meeting – punishment, misunderstandings, breaks are cancelled, everything happens quickly and can ruin a good meeting.

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