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Your website is the easiest and most direct way for a potential customer to learn about you and your skills and how they can work with you as successfully as previous customers. On the “About Me page, you show people what kind of people your clients will work with, and that’s important to them. When you start working with a new client, you can resell them through an online course, protected content and other useful resources. Freelancers need to work for their clients, but they also need to promote their business to attract new clients. You should use marketing automation to send a thank-you email to new customers and follow-up emails to previous customers. However, sending all the necessary types of emails to customers can seem very slow. For example, a potential customer concerned about the cost of hiring a freelancer may respond positively to a copy of a website that says, “Prices are month-to-month with no contract, no additional charges and no hidden gimmicks. Thoughtful, personalized communication is the foundation of a good customer experience – and an important reason why customers keep working with companies. Follow-up emails can be sent to old customers you want to work with again. Manage your customers, promote your independent brand and grow your business by taking control of your marketing strategy. Every potential customer will have questions to ask you and will give you reasons why working with you won’t work. On the home page, you should present your value proposition and proof – like a client testimonial – of how working with you helps people achieve the desired results. Clients often want to see a sample of the work they will receive to see if your style is what they are looking for. And when you start, it’s helpful to have a checklist with you to follow every step needed to maintain productive client relationships. Even after a project is completed, you need to stay in touch with clients through follow-up and thank you emails.

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