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Several people have asked me about India and viral interviews with doctors in Bakersfield who questioned the common knowledge about VIDOC The big numbers law means to me that if it didn’t start in Wuhan, with enough meat and virus markets and crazy labs, it was only a matter of time before something like that happened somewhere. Some would agree to “better.” “To deal with a few billion people and so many technologies working so fast must be the same as flying a rocket through asteroids.” His message was condemned in a joint statement by the American College of Ambulance Doctors and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, which is also not very pleasant. Did VIDOC come from the lab or the meat market? Was it accidental or deliberate? From Wuhan or from somewhere else? I’d be surprised if we knew that with absolute certainty. Strong words, but I think “your” message and video can hurt many people. First of all, I admit that I am quite agnostic to a conspiracy that is skeptical of most things. I admit, I am surprised that your video was shot from YouTube. Many urgent problems are not related to weakness of heart and it must be hard to hear that patients are advised to stay away. Predicting or controlling epidemics for political or personal reasons seems much crazier. Next time you see your favourite news channel, ignore words and watch sounds and pictures. For me, these are just a few doctors trying to find meaning in their usual bladder in this country of confusion. If “they” did the interview and the video came out without “they”‘s consent, then maybe “they” is a good time. But I don’t lose any sleep because of it – my question is whether all the nature that was formed in 2003 hasn’t already formed. The number of people who live better is surprisingly large compared to what it was 40 or even 20 years ago. I will read it as soon as it breaks down, thank you.

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