Al Capone Vaults – Despite the fact that the show was

Despite the fact that the show was criticized and became famous for its disappointing end, this year it became the most watched TV special edition, which was attended by about 30 million viewers. 5] After the show, Rivera said: “It seems that we have failed. 6] Geraldo said in the 20 April 2016 edition of “Los Cinco” on Fox News that he crossed the street and “got drunk on tequila” after a special broadcast, then returned to his hotel room and hung a sign on the door called “Don’t Disturb”. The mystery of the Al Capone vault” is a two-hour American special live broadcast on April 21, 1986, by Geraldo Rivera. However, in the same episode, there is the humorous diatribe of Geraldo Rivera, translated here by the pompous television man Robert Dinapoli, who will blow up Abe Calabrese’s gangster vault live when Geraldo enters Al Capone’s vault. Attention was focused on opening live the secret vault at the Lexington Hotel, once owned by the famous criminal boss Al Capone and empty except for the wreckage. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe 4]. He then hosted a special program, “The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vault,” which was broadcast live on April 21, 1986. a b “When Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone’s safe,he’ did nothing with the concessions. Earlier, Capone had his headquarters in the next Chicago hotel Metropole, but in July 1928, he “moved” to the suite hotel Lexington, also located in Chicago. “Geraldo Rivera.” The secret of Al Capone’s safe.” In 1925, after an assassination attempt on former boss Johnny Torrio, Capone took control of the Chicago Organized Crime Syndicate, he of which was the second person. After several attempts to deepen the vault, Geraldo admitted his defeat and expressed his disappointment to the audience, while apologizing to the search team for their efforts. It was not the first time that the vault was opened for live television: in 1984, the vault was opened in the wreckage of SS Andrea Doria. In 1931, Capone ran his “own” business from this hotel to his prison.

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