Child Support – If you are in an emergency situation and

If you are in an emergency situation and cannot pay your support, contact a family law attorney, such as the attorneys at Cordell & Cordell. For example, if you lost your job last month but waited two months to apply for a change, the court can only change your payments from the date you filed the change, even if your income was significantly reduced two months earlier. If you do not pay child support, you may also be held in contempt of court, your driver’s license may be revoked, you may be ordered to pay a cleaning fee or a lump sum, or a warrant may be issued for your arrest. Legal services are provided by licensed attorneys in each state where Cordell & Cordell has offices. To change or modify your obligation, you must show a material change in circumstances that were not foreseeable when the original agreement or arrangement was made. You still have to pay during this period, which you can do to show the court that you are trying to pay in good faith and that you are not completely avoiding your obligation to pay. Unemployment benefit is also considered as income for the purpose of calculating child support. Remember that I am licensed in the state of Florida, so all advice is based on my legal experience in that state. Joseph Cordell, Senior Partner, licensed in MO and IL only. However, you can only apply for the change when you request it. These are common concerns that many of our clients have raised with Cordell & Cordell as a result of the COVID 19 crisis. Companies are laying off employees and taking leaves of absence throughout the county, and licensed employees are unsure if they will continue to work in their state after the suspension.

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