Australia ’ – I have talked more than once to the intern

I have talked more than once to the intern who is secretly fighting depression, the intern who has had cancer, or the doctor whose marriage is breaking up. Before I went to sleep, I would take care of some delicate things at home, knowing that I would have to wake up in a few hours for the next shift. But whether it’s in the context of a sunny city or a snowstorm in Boston I sometimes think about the common experiences that connect doctors around the world. You may wonder why this man is so cold. Why should he only sweat on one side? Why does he take so long to prepare? I like to look good. Despite the complications of being a doctor with a spinal cord injury, I wouldn’t give up this career for the world. Some of us face invisible things like cancer or depression, mostly alone. During this shift, I saw another stroke patient immediately after the first one. I work as a resident in Australia’s busiest emergency room. She told me that she was happy to meet me and that I was taking care of her mother. Finally, I finished my shift and left the hospital, raising my temperature again on the way. I ate quickly, went home and started showering and going to bed. Many doctors around the world have a number of chronic conditions that affect both physical and emotional well-being. I accepted a transfer from my boss, who started the process, and then I went to bed. I then examined the lady for other symptoms that her daughter mentioned. However, this involves being friendly to others and celebrating the diversity of our experiences. An impatient neighbor crossing the parking lot honked his horn for this affront and then stared at me.

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