George Floyd Killing – Coleman will introduce measures that

Coleman will introduce measures that will be removed from the Sandra Bland Act in 2017, such as introducing strict rules for law enforcement officers to stop and search a vehicle and prohibiting police from stopping drivers for minor traffic violations so that they can investigate other cases. Texas will add implicit bias training to its requirements for new police officers, while many local authorities will prohibit methods such as strangulation and impose requirements on other police officers who must respond if they see an officer using excessive force. They want to push forward measures they hoped the Sandra Bland Act of 2017 would bring about, including the investigation of racial profiling by police officers, which would give the law more power to control police arrests. In Texas, activists highlighted the murders and abuse of black suspects by police officers and called for greater protection for those who come into contact with the police. They wanted to prevent police from stopping drivers for traffic violations as a pretext for investigating other possible crimes, to limit police searches of cars, and to undertake other reforms of the prison and police system. The murder of George Floyd in Minnesota sparked protests across the country and led to increased scrutiny of the treatment of African Americans by the police in Texas and elsewhere. The Tribune reported that congressional legislators have introduced a bill to end qualified police immunity and a comprehensive reform bill to prohibit strangulation and establish a database of national police misconduct. The legislators who drafted the bill, which bears “their” name, originally included far-reaching measures to regulate police conduct, including a ban on racial profiling at traffic stops. Indianna Taylor, co-chair of the Dallas chapter of Black Youth Project 100, said people now look back on police shootings in Dallas and elsewhere in Texas and no longer see them as isolated incidents. Coleman told the Tribune that he would consider other measures related to voter pressure after Floyd’s death, “including removing the strangulation” and requiring other officials to intervene when a co-worker uses improper force against a suspect. Meanwhile, Texas lawmakers who drafted the Sandra Bland Act are trying to push for police reforms that were removed from the original law. The Tribune reported that the shooter did not identify himself as a police officer before yelling at Jefferson to raise his hands and shoot. In 2019, Atatiana Jefferson was shot by a white police officer through a one-bedroom window in her Fort Worth apartment. A year earlier, a police officer had killed Botham Jean, an African American, while he was sitting on his couch. Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison for this murder. However, the article referred to the Lone Star State’s history of police killings.

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