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In a show of solidarity and generosity, Michael Jordan Brand have donated $100 million over the next ten years “to organizations working for racial equality, social justice and improved access to education. “The Last Dance,” in which the series sometimes explored Jordan’s shortcomings, including the fact that at the peak of his superstar career in the 1990s, he did not do enough for the African-American community. The Times initially defended the article, and opinion editor James Bennet said: “The New York Times newsroom is designed to present opposing ideas and thoughts; Cotton is a big shot with presidential ambitions, sohis’ thoughtsmay well become government policy, which means he needs to be challenged. “This has caused outrage among journalists, New York Times staff and the New York News Guild. The New York Times returned with an opinion piece by Senator Tom Cotton last week entitled “Send In The Troops. “In the article, Cotton proposes the US military as an option that can be used against its own citizens, citing the 1807 Insurrection Act. This week, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian also resigned his seat on the board to push for more diversity, while asking that his seat be replaced by an African American. The Guild’s statement – which I helped draft along with many, many others – fully recognizes that the editorial board has a responsibility to publish a diverse range of opinions, many of which may be uncomfortable for people! However, Cotton’s article clearly crosses a line. Reddit did the same earlier this week, announcing that Michael Seibel, co-founder of Twitch, would replace Ohanian on the board. Often, a good reputation is a reflection of the steps that have been taken over the years to establish trust and credibility with the people you deal with. Take-away: When it comes to your reputation within a company, actions should be guided by the fundamental values and principles that govern the operation of the company. A few days before he resigned, CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman told health club owners in a video call that he was not mourning George Floyd. “I want to thank Steve, Alexis and the entire Reddit board for this opportunity. As more and more people are at home and consuming content like never before, the stakes are high and the decisions you make today can have a profound impact on your reputation tomorrow. With the New York Times staff in near-unanimous disagreement and its founding principles questioned, James Bennet has resigned.

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