DIY String Light – It only took Krishe Jack and Kate five

It only took Krishe Jack and Kate five minutes to improve their “own” fairytale lights, or rather, to prepare pots. Sticky stripes help her hang homemade light ropes without leaving holes and stains on the walls. A jar of spray paint and a series of lightweight beads guarantee high-quality results. Nothing warms the room like fabulous lights. Below are ten ideas from creative people, lightweight garlands that you can recreate to illuminate your room or terrace. For more information about these homemade light strings, please contact One Wed. Professional advice: Buy bright lights for even more vivid effects. The lightweight string looks great when covered by a coat, suspended from the headboard, pulled to the edge of the ceiling and much more – the possibilities are endless. Create your own constellation with these constellations, from Monica to Mona Does Things. Tips: Use LED lights because they save energy and are safer because they produce less heat. These stylish spherical lights cost only a few dollars. Even if they are not on, these homemade lights make a room beautiful. Perfect for a party, a name or a fun message. The letters are illuminated with this paper garland. This garland with a flashlight can be our favorite.

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