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If you know that you are the subject of an investigation into a white-collar crime, you should contact the best federal prosecutor to protect yourself and protect against unintentional wrongdoing during your investigation. Whether it is the FBI or local law enforcement agencies, it is important to understand the various indicators that indicate a white-collar crime or the crime under investigation. An investigation is always the first step in the law enforcement process, even when a white-collar crime is suspected. When the official white-collar crime investigation begins, a large amount of evidence has already been examined and potential suspects identified. Broden & Mickelsen is one of Dallas’ leading law firms with years of experience. If you were involved in the white-collar crime, even if only as a peripheral player with some experience, you could live with the constant feeling that someone is watching your every move. But those who are the object of investigating the crime of white-collar crime, do not always discover it in the same way. Perhaps there are rumors in the office, or you know someone who investigates a crime in white collars, with whom you might be connected. Case: – A client who filed a lawsuit in a federal court, went to court with another lawyer, was convicted of money laundering and sentenced to more than 20 years in federal prison. While this is not an ideal situation, if you’re not sure, it’s often the best way to prepare proactively for an investigation when it comes to you. The second step is to contact a lawyer specializing in white-collar crime immediately. Contact Broden & Mickelsen at: Strong and effective defence. In Clint Broden’s appeal, the conviction was overturned, the client was acquitted and released from prison as a free man. In some cases, rumours have been used to request a new or ongoing investigation.

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