United States – Although some imaging tests have been shown

Although some imaging tests have been shown to be useful in the more typical radiological presentations of the disease, evidence of this specificity or lack thereof was not clear until testing for the virus became more readily available. For years, both in my first career in a medical laboratory and in medicine, we were taught the concepts of lean manufacturing, and COVID-19 demonstrated the limitations of this approach. Immediately after the virus appeared in the United States, many physicians who did not have access to testing for the virus seemed to turn directly to imaging for an answer. Kevin® com was founded in 2004 by Dr. Kevin Pho and is the leading Internet platform where doctors, advanced students, nurses, medical students and patients share their findings and tell their stories. Scientific journals in print now publish an array of unorganized and irrelevant perspectives on COVID-19, another reason why conventional academic medicine is woefully lagging behind. At first, influential economic people rejected the likelihood of the plants being shut down; then, some of these people panicked when the virus blossomed in mid-March. Now we’re in a race to reschedule imaging appointments because some centers that do less detailed scans may be planning faster, lower quality MRI techniques. Reading science in a magazine today is like looking at a star in the sky and not knowing that the light it emits was generated thousands of years ago. When I look at the COVID 19 pandemic in the United States, I hope we can learn some lessons from it. I hope we learn that the image is not automatically the answer to every new medical question. I see these very vague projections, no one knows if a previous infection will confer immunity, and most of the country is stuck in this state of unanswered purgatory. I heard that the pharmacy was refilling my blood pressure medication and when my doctor asked me by telemedicine to refill more, I refused. Viral respiratory diseases are very common in the pediatric population and radiological reporting methods often refer to viral diseases in a general sense. In some areas, access to swabs for sampling has been the limiting factor for testing. I have not needed a renewal for more than a year and when I have my annual visit, I want to have a real test. I don’t know any more about the virus than I do in March, which is frankly a dark day for science.

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