Star Light Star – If you do it for your room I’d like to

If you do it for your room, I’d like to see a picture. I’m enjoying the glow of my beautiful starlight RIGHT NOW. I just found this post on Craftgawker, and I love it! I’m going to try this out soon for my bedroom. Thanks for your interest in my post! I’d love to hear your thoughts. It’s fantastic art! I have some of those balloon lamps, but I didn’t like the green string; I never thought about spray-painting it. However, I’m glad I got into your blog about this article. However, I make a small change and put a female butterfly on it. I would like to put it around the headboard of my bed. I like the warm glow that the lights give to the room. Oh, I saw it on Erica blog, and I figured the DIY was about heart shaped pillows and not stars. The white foam looks great with the lights, and it’s very comfortable. It was really cold here in Michigan, so I couldn’t wait to put a coat of paint on the lights. Lightly spray the cable with white Krylon plastic paint.

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