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However, this can often lead to some parents feeling depressed when their child is not in harmony with other children. If you are worried about your child and think it would be helpful for you to have child or family support services or a check-up, contact my child psychologist for more information. Children can have strengths and development because no child is perfect. If you think your child has symptoms of ADHD, contact us so we can discuss the procedure with you and help you if you need to have your child examined. There are so many “reference books” and comments from other parents that challenge our perception of what it means for our child to grow up “normally”. This can make parents think that their child is difficult or difficult. If you are concerned, talk to other parents and teachers to find out if they have noticed this in your child, in kindergarten or school. How do you know your child is struggling with something serious? When should you ask for professional help? It is natural to want to anticipate and try to solve a problem even if it is not there. All children experience emotional ups and downs; moments when they are temperamental, withdrawn, reluctant and impulsive, even when they leave school, which can ring a bell for you as a parent. Lack of play or communication with others can make parents feel uncomfortable and wonder if their child is normal. This face-to-face meeting will help you to contact your child and make them aware of your interests and improve your relationship with them. On the other hand, some children may have very low energy levels and it may be difficult to make them physically active. Appreciating your child is so important that you have fun with “him” or her. For example, children’s activity levels can vary; some children may have energy bursts and have to run to get burned compared to other children their age. Achieving certain developmental stages in certain age groups is a hot topic for parents who want to show their children and their performances in game meetings.

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