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The team at This Old House Reviews believes that Orkin, Terminix and Rentokil’s Presto-X division is a leader in pest control, with highly qualified specialists and years of experience and knowledge in the field of protection against a wide range of pests. Terminix is perhaps best known for its termite control, but its pest management service provider provides protection against more than a dozen common household pests thanks to its overall pest management plan, more specific insecticides and more. Orkin, a company with more than 100 years of pest control experience and 1.7 million residential and commercial customers nationwide, is the most recommended pest control service provider for this Old House. Companies differ in the details of their overall pest management plans: some may cover more pests than others, and some may also cover other types of pests. It may be beneficial to hire a professional pest management company that has the knowledge and experience to kill many different pests. For better pest management in Birmingham, think of industry leaders with well-trained experts and years of experience – Orchin, Terminix and Rentokil. Rentokil offers the most comprehensive overall pest management plans from companies whose annual Pestfree365 program we recommend. The Rentokil general pest management plan protects against approximately 20 common household pests. Rentokil International provides pest control throughout the United States through its regional offices such as Presto-X, J.C. Ehrlich and Western Exterminator. Major pest control companies ensure their services are efficient by offering free calls, refunds or both. The exact amount paid for pest control depends on several factors, including type of pest, degree of infestation, size of your home and so on. The pest management service provider offers online real-time chat with Terminix representatives. Pest control professionals can solve many different pest problems, including the most common ones in Birmingham. Some of the best pest control companies in the country serve Birmingham. Pest management professionals bring together Rentokil’s vast resources with local expertise. Orcin takes a holistic approach to pest management, focusing on the assessment, monitoring and prevention aspects of pest management.

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