Texas Prisoners Serving – In May when Huntsville Prison

In May, when Huntsville Prison Texas Department of Justice officials stopped the movement of prisoners and officials contracted coronavirus. Lawyers Dallas Clint Broden and Mick Mikkelsen have years of experience defending criminals in Texas and an impressive track record in obtaining acquittals for their clients when possible. The March complaint alleged that the U.S. Department of Justice failed to protect inmates at Parcelar, a geriatric prison near the university post office, from a potentially deadly virus. TCPR figures show that approximately 9,500 of the 131,000 people in Texas prisons have been tested positive for the coronavirus. The Tribune reported that Texas Governor Greg Abbott rejected early release as a measure to contain the coronavirus. As Texas defense attorneys, we are doing everything in our power to keep our clients from going to prison. At least 84 inmates in the state of Texas have died of VIDOC-19, according to a report from the Texas Department of Justice. Organizations such as the Texas Civil Rights Project claim that fewer prisoners will contribute to social distance behind bars. If you face possible incarceration in a prison or remand facility, consult with our Dallas criminal lawyers for alternative strategies. The high number of VIDOC-19 deaths in Texas prisons has led activists to call for reform. The scale of the tragedy in state prisons is illustrated by figures published in the Texas Tribune. More than 80 prisoners died in state prisons, many of whom served short sentences for minor crimes. The prisoner was only supposed to be in Texas prison for six months. This is the second highest death rate of any state prison. Texas prisons have an unrivalled reputation for harsh living conditions. Although the number of prisoners in Lone Star State has decreased over the past two decades, it has one of the largest prison groups in the country.

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