TIPS FOR MAINTAINGING – We advise you to include an annual

We advise you to include an annual maintenance plan for your home in your calendar! Creating monthly maintenance tasks for your home is a good way to complete a maintenance plan. Lawn Care Company Rentals – Lawn care company rentals to take care of grass, plants, flowers, outdoor shrubs, etc. Home care is important! We recommend that you draw up an annual home care plan based on your monthly calendar. Check the main water valve once or twice a year to make sure it works properly. Rent a pressure washer – a pressure washer knows the safest and most effective way to clean outside your home. Here’s an example to start: A maintenance plan for your home. Plan for regular maintenance visits. It is important to keep a record of your home’s scheduled maintenance, and over time this will help you avoid costly repairs. Thoroughly clean the windows and doors, inside and out, once a year. If a pipe breaks, you should stop the water flow quickly to prevent further damage to your property and your home.

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