Am Law – The economic downturn caused by VIDOC-19

The economic downturn caused by VIDOC-19, particularly in the automotive sector, has led the company, according to experience in this sector, to take measures to reduce costs, including temporary layoffs and a series of layoffs. If your company or organisation cuts wages, closes or reduces the number of lawyers or employees, or through direct dismissals, secret dismissals or voluntary takeovers, please let us know. Join us on July 17th to learn best practices in response to the Coronavirus pandemic and how to optimize your business in the digital age. Last month, the company made a number of temporary layoffs for lawyers and employees, as well as several layoffs. And while the rise in coronavirus cases across the country proves that it is still a pandemic, the economic impact of the disease has yet to be overcome. Economic activity in the Chinese market is recovering, as is legal recruitment. Law firm Am Law 200 continues to fire lawyers because of COVID-19 Biglaw. I know that many people suffer from quarantine fatigue, but the fact that people want to face this whole pandemic problem does not mean that VIDOC-19 is over. You will receive an email within minutes of every dismissal, salary cut or vacation announcement that we issue.

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