Angela Medlin Chic – “Miss Vicky as I affectionately call

“Miss Vicky, as I affectionately call her, is a sensitive lady with a small character,” Angela Medlin said at the presentation of her Victorian hut in Portland, 1906, Sunny Beach, Oregon. I am a very logical person. “The house is about 2.5 square meters in size, and unlike the outside, inside is almost entirely white – White Duck Sherwin Williams, a shadow that Medlin chose after trying 15 options on each wall. Above: The existing kitchen, discovered by Medlin’s contractor, was a long-forgotten extension of the back porch with “not much underneath it – it fell”, so it eventually required extensive design work and more and more amenities and accessories. Above: Three years ago, Medlin launched House Dogue, a fascinating project to produce eco-friendly accessories for dogs made in the US, including a toy made of biodegradable leather and tanned with vegetables. Medlin is a fashion designer and self-proclaimed “creative entrepreneur” specializing in sportswear: a series of contracts to oversee the Adidas Jordan and Nike collections led her three times to move to Portland, Oregon. Medlin bought his house five years ago – “I rented a house on the corner and stopped by when a real estate agent put a “For Sale” sign on the ground – and what started as a purely cosmetic repair ended, as is often the case, with unexpected structural changes. Here, she inserted the shelves into the dining room wall and painted them white “to make the books look floating”. From “they” the horizontal poles, “they” says, “it’s easier to look at them like this – you don’t have to turn your head to the side to read the headlines”. First we discovered Medlin as a fan of House Dogg, his fashionable dog toy company, and then through a blog post at Schoolhouse Electric. “My friends and family will tell you that they weren’t sure about my vision,” Medlin says. Before climbing the stairs: The house was painted with a mustard icon and a ketchup icon, FacebookFacebook is a registered trademark for use on social media icons.

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