Old House Driveway – The floor surface forms a membrane

The floor surface forms a membrane that protects concrete or other surfaces from harmful sunlight, gasoline, coarse salts, oil and ice. If the lawn has been mowed incorrectly where this entrance is located, cut it with a wire cutter and turn the head so that the wire twists vertically. If you need to return to the inlet quickly – and you can work quickly – quick drying formulas are an option. In this manual you will find tips on the most suitable sealants as well as on sealing the aisle to optimize its structure and appearance. Before you start this work, park on the road as you will have to wait some time for the sealant to accumulate, either an hour for pedestrians in the quick drying system or up to 48 hours in the double-layer drying system. The best sealant for your entrance will depend on the time and conditions of your entrance. You can only close the entrance on weekends – dry weather and temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius are required. This part of the job requires a common degreaser, which can be applied with a high pressure cleaner with a detergent tank, but the garden sprayer will also work. For oil and gas stains that may repel or discolour the seal, the stain must be cleaned with a special cleaning agent and a hard brush. Then clean the inlet. The three main categories of sealants are coarse, fine and quick drying. Fine or low-viscosity sealants are also easier to use as they flow more easily than thicker sealants. Fast drying formulas that can be stacked in just one hour still require a total processing time of 24 hours.

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