Energy Efficient Practices – Energy saving practices:

Energy saving practices: Yesterday and today – Halifax Nova Scotia Home Builder – houses built by Savlor are your dream. Energy efficient construction methods are a necessity today, and even houses built according to regulations must meet certain energy efficiency requirements. If you look at the development of energy-efficient building practices over the last decade, today’s standards will undoubtedly be the winners. The builders wanted to build houses certified by ENERGY STAR, i.e. to use products and materials that meet certain energy efficiency requirements. With over 35 years of experience building custom houses in Nova Scotia, Keith has built a team that reflects his professional knowledge and values. Today building owners continue to choose products and materials that meet the ENERGY STAR requirements, but their understanding of the practices that make a home energy efficient has improved significantly. These types of energy efficient homes are insulated, airtight, have high-quality windows and doors, balanced ventilation with heat and humidity recovery, and depend on the sun to keep them warmer in winter and cooler in summer. At the time, ENERGY STAR® was a major player in the construction of energy-efficient homes. It was involved in many other industry programmes and associations including the Canadian Housing Builders Association, Nova Scotia Security and the Office of Good Business Practice. These houses produce as much energy as they consume, or will eventually produce as much energy as they consume. Living in an energy efficient home with lower monthly electricity bills was one way to do this. Keith Sawlowor is the second generation of owners of houses built by Sawlowor.

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