Resilient doctors recognize that the misfortune of life

Resilient doctors recognize that the misfortune of life affects everyone, and they respond to it with strength, compassion and wisdom when it happens. Resilient doctors recognize which thinking patterns are useful and which are not. Resilient doctors recognize that perfection is impossible, and they realize that this is the right way to get the best out of themselves. They tell us that gratitude is good for us, but resilient doctors know it too well. Many doctors suffer from the syndrome of fraud, the belief that what we know is not enough, and what our colleagues know is huge, and it is only a matter of time before they pass us off as fraudsters. Resilient doctors tend to be grateful – all the change and uncertainty that the virus has brought will certainly not help! Now more than ever, it is important that doctors are ready for pressure and stress in their professional careers. Resilient doctors know what to believe in. Resilient doctors are aware of this and strive to be kinder to themselves. Resilient doctors take a step-by-step approach and are kind to themselves throughout the process. Resilient doctors overcome illusion syndrome. Resilient doctors free themselves from things they cannot control. Resilient doctors know that the whole ramp is a waste of energy. Resilient doctors know that life is short. Persistent doctors have a growth mentality. In my ten years as a medical trainer, I have seen seven habits, ways of thinking and practices that distinguish those who can thrive under pressure from those who cannot.

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