Mothers Against Drunk – When the anti-masking and

When the anti-masking and anti-vaccine rhetoric in Illinois ended with a rally on July 25, not only were the mothers of the doctors outraged, they were also surprised that one group did not demand masks in schools or vaccination claims when we participated in our lifelong struggle against VIDC-19 and made so many sacrifices to protect our patients and children. Therefore, when misinformation threatens fundamental and effective public health measures and then threatens the health and safety of the population and children, the wall of doctors awaits us. The Mothers of Physicians in Florida took a step forward and changed our charter to create the petition to support universal disguise in schools, which is now circulating in Mothers of Physicians’ Facebook groups. These are the same common instincts that motivated Mothers of Physicians in Illinois to fight misinformation, especially those who oppose masks and vaccinations in schools. Mothers are waging a fierce fight for reasons ranging from “Mothers Against DUI” to “Mothers Against Demand”, a group of activist mothers led by Shannon Watts against armed violence that is currently helping mothers hold government jobs. Mothers of medicine from Texas, California and Iowa thanked us for sharing tools and resources and are actively using them to call on their states and local leaders to implement the universal mask in schools. The group is protesting in Springfield, Illinois, to push their demands: to remove the mandate for the Illinois school mask and the VOCID vaccine as soon as it becomes available. As mothers of doctors leading the global pandemic, we have a responsibility to keep our patients, communities and children safe. At the heart of the antiviral and anti-masked argument is a deep mistrust of science, a lack of understanding of the scientific process, a claim that public health action has a hidden agenda, and a passionate desire to win people over. In fact, Facebook recently decided to remove the disguise group Demasking America for spreading dangerous misinformation. Through media platforms such as Facebook, these groups can grow exponentially and spread dangerous misinformation. It turns out that Illinois doctors’ mothers are not alone in this struggle. However, Facebook is not only for those who oppose science, it can also be used as an effective tool by doctors to fight misinformation and infodemy. In California, where anti-viral sentiment among parents was suboptimized even before the OVID pandemic,19 parents using an anti-viral vaccine also adopted a programme to combat masks. Recently, the nation was fascinated by photos of Portland mothers tear gas-treated to form a human shield of weapons and blindfolded bodies to protect Black Lives Matter protesters from federal agents.

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