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When the owners of “La Casa del Lago decided to create a new house in a historic place, they worked with their architect and Colby Construction to bring to life a house that was part of their family’s history. The new custom house, affectionately called “La Casa del Lago”, is exactly that, a beautiful modern house designed, manufactured and built based on family history. The family house was constantly renovated and rebuilt, while the architect upgraded the lead windows and other treasures that he took out of the houses. This family house was the inspiration for the current “La Casa del Lago”, which is now located on the former farmhouse, on a hill above the original family house, which is still in use today and serves as a summer house for another family member. Colby Construction has built many beautiful and unique houses, houses built according to the owner’s dream, from lake front houses to village houses and modern farmhouses, to name just a few. Over the years and generations the plot has been landscaped and includes a family house, a working class cottage, a large barn, a carrot cellar and a refrigerator as well as other outbuildings. The original family house had exactly this type of porch, and for the new house were recreated unique windows. Located on a small picturesque lake in southeast Wisconsin, this secret family home has been with the family for generations. Other features inspired by the original house are French windows in the dining room. In 1904, his great-grandfather bought the abandoned land, created and built a sanctuary where he and his family could escape and have fun away from the city bustle. As in the original house, the dining room of the new house faces the lake through beautiful lead glass. Below you will find a personalized house, based on family history and the desire to build a new home, based on the past and consistent with today’s lifestyle. Be aware of the opportunities, investments and history of Casa del Lago in the coming weeks. Outstanding features include a balcony with a screen for privacy, the central part of the house where family members and visitors can meet. One can almost imagine how the patriarch of the family “made” his next architectural masterpiece while enjoying the view of the lake.

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