Summer Home Maintenance – – Fireplace cleaning – Summer is

– Fireplace cleaning – Summer is the perfect time to plan a fireplace cleaning service. Summer is the perfect time to do some of your annual maintenance work. It is very important to continue maintenance and to show love for your home. Take advantage of long days and good summer weather to do some maintenance work on your home. – Check your windows and doors – Summer is a good time to check your windows and doors for leaks. Schedule time at the end of summer to have your gutters and chutes professionally cleaned. – Cleaning Ducts and Dryers – It is important to do this routine maintenance several times a year. – Cleaning the Dumpster and Dishwasher – We recommend cleaning the Dumpster and Dishwasher with vinegar and water from time to time. – Outdoor paint repair – Summer is a good time for this summer weekend house project. It’s also a good time to dust, sweep and clean the floor in your garage. – Cleaning up and organizing your garage – At the end of summer you can store toys and sports equipment that you will not use for some time. – Dusting the Ceiling Fan Blades – Several times a year or more you should remove dust from the ceiling fan blades. – A professional pressure washer will clean the outside of the house once a year, including patios, balconies, sidewalks and driveways. – Schedule a roof inspection – When summer is over, schedule a roof inspection. We hope our summer cottage maintenance checklist was helpful. You can use a vacuum cleaner or buy a long cloth specially designed to reach and clean the roof fan blades in high rooms. – Maintenance plan for the air conditioning system Maintenance of the air conditioning system every 6 months. It is an ideal time of year for reinforcement, sealing, repainting, etc.

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