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Introducing your brand through digital channels not only increases your visibility, but also allows you to communicate with consumers to get their feedback, improve consumer experience and create loyalty. The visual nature of the Reputation Score X platform allows brands to quickly highlight areas of CX improvement and their online reputation. As CEO of, Joe Fuca leads the revolutionary Reputation RXM platform in the opening speech of Transformation20. With RXM’s revolutionary platform, these two categories come together all the way through the client’s journey. Now brands can use this data to get a valuable insight into every step of a customer’s journey and use this information to learn more about how customers feel and improve their experience. “Some of the world’s leading brands already use Reputation Score X and Feedback Anywhere to be where their customers are,” said Fuca. They can process different data streams from different feedback channels, structured or unstructured, to create a meaningful picture of a customer’s journey. Join thousands of colleagues and get the latest information on reputation management, branding, survey optimization, customer service and more. RXM is relevant to your brand because it uses AI and regulatory analysis to consolidate data throughout the customer journey, making decision-making and action easier and more efficient. For more information, download the complete Assessment and Reputation Management Guide online. is currently expanding the capabilities of its online reputation management platform with additional innovative, client-oriented solutions. As pioneers in the ORM category, we have developed proprietary algorithms that enhance our reputation, and have more than 250 integration partners to help companies in all industries improve their performance. Physical objects will always take place in today’s economy, but successful companies need to find ways to open their digital doors and create exceptional customer experience in a virtual environment. has launched three RXM products to bridge the gap between these two areas and promote better brand perception. Feedback from anywhere allows you to view customer data on one easily accessible control panel. has collected and analyzed more than 100 million reviews and analyses and conducted more than 40 million surveys through an integrated SaaS platform.

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