Home Office Space – Some people prefer their home office to

Some people prefer their home office to be a dual function, i.e. serving as a bedroom or playroom if it is not used for work, or moving a room in their living room to the workplace. Establishing a Home Office – Halifax Nova Scotia Builder – Houses built by Saul – Your dream. A dedicated workspace helps you focus on your task while minimizing distractions. This space can be designed to meet your work needs, from built-in shelves for organizing files, materials and resources to aconference room’ for video and conference calls. A kitchen island with many counters and storage rooms, a corner of the lobby, a corner of the games room or master bedroom, all allow you to create a workspace without giving up much of your home. Kayla, the third generation of the Sawlor Built Homes family, joined the company in 2011. She is an active member of the Marketing Committee of the Nova Scotia Homebuilders Association of Canada and continues to update “her” education and training to become a leader in the new home marketing industry. There may even be a need for two or more activities if another family member is currently working in the home or has children to do their homework. Since families live and work in a small space, creating separate work areas can make it easier and more productive for everyone. Kayla is Marketing Director at Sawlor Built Homes. If you are building, you can ask your builder to add a home office.

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