New York City – If someone doubts your decision to send a

If someone doubts your decision to send a small, healthy child to school because of the risk that your child will get coronavirus and get sick, although we are not sure that this fear is poorly documented. If other people question your decision because they are concerned about their health as parents, for example, if they have cancer or heart disease, that concern may be justified. The collaborative decision making model for medical practice encourages doctors like me to provide information and advice to help you make decisions. Even if I share my controversial decision, I wonder if you will judge me as a parent and pediatrician or think less of me. We jump one after the other, under supervision, without a flip or “movement”, we do not sit on the trampoline when it rains, and if someone does not hear or behaves badly on the trampoline, it closes for the day. When my husband and I decided to buy a house outside of New York, the previous owners left a trampoline behind. Other, more prosaic decisions that parents make also involve real risk: they drive tired or distracted in their car, or choose other activities such as skiing or football. We think about the risks and benefits that are unique to our family, and think about how we can limit or reduce the risks. You can make tough decisions and, in coping with the pandemic, learn more about what is important to your family. If other people make other decisions for your family, remember that they answer a different question. In 2018, 300,000 children were injured on a trampoline that required a doctor’s visit. 75% of trampoline injuries occur when more than one person jumps at a time. You have made decisions that are crucial to your family’s health, from vaccinations during sleep to car seats. These decisions seem so important to us because we care so much about our children. Paediatricians are constantly helping parents make these decisions.

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