Family Medicine – The article advised students that “the

The article advised students that “the best way to find out if family medicine is right for you is to work with family doctors in action, with the family doctor in your office. “The problem with this advice, however, is that many of my colleagues are unhappy or just unhappy because they see too many patients in too short a time and are involved in long-termoffice medication’ rather than personal communication, which is the reason why they went to primary care in the first place. An excellent resource for interested medical students is the AFP 2016 article “Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Family Medicine”, which answers the most frequently asked questions about the importance of specialization, medical education and scholarships, procedural knowledge and scope of practice, economic realities and future prospects. As medical student mentors, GPs not only teach family medicine principles, but also act as mentors and role models. In fact, graduates of 14 newly accredited allopathic medical schools in the U.S. since 2002, who had at least one group of graduates by 2015, were 40% less likely to enter general medicine than graduates of 118 pre-existing schools. To attract more family medicine students, we must make radical changes in unhealthy and unsustainable work environments. Although family physicians make up 4 out of 10, in some states a significant proportion of family physicians are over 55 and are expected to work part-time or retire by 2030. Medical students need this experience with GP practitioners to confront alternative messages from other professions. They respond to calls for advocacy and advocate for change that supports family medicine at local, state and national levels. Legislators should be made aware of the value of family medicine by their constituents. Instead of responding, they should help adapt these changes to the principles of family medicine. Encourage children and young people not only to study medicine, but also to become general practitioners. Expose myths and counteract negative stereotypes of family medicine. Kevin®. Founded in 2004 by Dr. Kevin Fo, Kevin® is a leading online platform where doctors, undergraduates, nurses, medical students and patients share their views and stories. Promotion of General Practice and Family Medicine.

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