Stowe Family Law – If you are in the process of a divorce

If you are in the process of a divorce or a divorce in conflict and need support for yourself or your children, do not hesitate to contact my family psychologist. Parents may find conflict during the divorce process necessary, but remember how it can affect your child or children. Previous studies from the 70s, 80s and 90s show that children are not necessarily affected by single parent life, but rather by perceived conflict. Many studies have shown that conflicts in the family, especially with parents, can harm children in the following ways. Some parenting support strategies can help children to adapt to changes brought about by divorce, reduce the psychological impact and maintain healthy and positive relationships with their children. So the problem is simple: it is a conflict, not necessarily a divorce that puts your children at risk. In addition, studies have shown that children are less affected by anxiety and depression when their parents are married and in conflict. Divorce and divorce are at best unthinkable, unfavourable, and difficult situations, not to mention the additional difficulties associated with having children under this equation. Previous studies have shown that in situations of high conflict, divorce and divorce are often accompanied by verbal or physical clashes between parents that the child faces.

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